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03 October 2018

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Outdoor Ideas

Outdoor Ideas

One of the amazing perks of booking at Willows Bend is the outdoor scenery. Not only is the view amazing, but it allows you to have that outdoor wedding you have always dreamed of, while still having the benefits of an indoor wedding readily available.

The easiest way to make a wedding yours is by putting in that extra effort to create something unique. All of these ideas may be good for inside or outside, but just remember that you can make them all yours and have fun with it.

Ice Cream Bar

If you are having an outdoor wedding, then it is most likely going to be a warmer day for guest to be outside. So to help them cool down set up a fun ice cream bar for the guest to enjoy. You can buy several different types of cones for the guest to use, or just have bowls to the side. Then using a tiered serving tray, put them in how you see fit. You can add doilies to the bottom of these serving trays to add some extra texture for the cones to sit on. Or use anything that may fit your theme for you wedding, like burlap or lace.

Lemons for Days

Lemons are always seen as a refreshing way to cool off on a hot day, however, they are also a great way to spruce up your wedding day. You can do this simply by providing some lemonade and adding chalkboard signs to label them. Or even placing them on small wooden crates on the tables to add a rustic feel while making it easier for guest to get their drinks. Another easy way to incorporate lemons is by filling a bucket, can be metal or whatever matches your theme, and putting a tall chalkboard yard sign in it with information on the wedding or just a fun note.

Make your Future Glow

Using a simple vase and a chalkboard sign with a catchy note, ask the guest to take a glow stick for the night. This will allow not only your guest, but especially any children at your wedding to have a fun time lighting up the night on your big day.