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10 October 2018

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We Love Passion

We Love Passion

Everyone wants to add that extra something to their wedding that isn’t seen at others. The easiest way to do this is by making your own decorations.

This post will be a simple one on how to make already amazing decorations, even more personalized just for you.

Wine Bottles

This one is simple and easy to do for anyone. If you have any wine bottles laying around, or know of friends who might have some that they are willing to donate, use these as added decorations. Many people put flowers, real or fake, and place them at the gifts table, guestbook table, or even the desserts table. If you have enough you can even use these as part of a center piece. However, the trick to making them personalized is spray paint. You can paint these gold, silver, blue or any other color that may go with your theme. Using metallic colors always looks fantastic on these and makes them seem like metal bottles.

Mason Jars

Another easy idea for decorations is mason jars. However, for your big day you want these to be out of this world. The easiest way to do this is by taking a spraying mod podge or glue and spraying the inside. Next take a glitter that matches your color scheme and pour some in, then proceed to shake the jar until it is thoroughly coated. This may take two coats to get a good layer, but the end result won’t be complete until you add either a string of battery operated fairy lights or a tea light into the jar. If you decide to use the lights, an easy way to find the battery pack to turn them on is by hot gluing them to the lid of the jar for easy access.

Flower Place Cards

If you plan to have organized seats, or just want some beautiful flowers you can place around, then this idea is for you. You can buy any fake flowers from a store, just make sure the flowers will pop off the stem separately or in smaller bundles. You can then spray paint these flowers and even add a small dusting of glitter while the paint is still wet to make them shine. You can use the singular flowers for place cards, or just use them to dust around centerpieces. You can repeat this process with petals as well if you want to use them instead.

Keep an eye out for more ideas to come! If you ever have any questions on our ideas feel free to reach out to us for more explanations and we will gladly help.