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31 October 2018

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Guest Book DIY

Guest Book DIY

Everyone wants their special day to be unique to them, and some easy ways to achieve this is by doing some DIY projects just for your special day.

Not only will they make your wedding stand out in a new way, but they give you a chance to save money and work on something together with your significant other.

Capture the Moments

An easy but unique way to change up how you have guest sign in is by having them take pictures. Using a polaroid camera have your guest take their picture before taking a seat. Next, using a large frame string twine from one side to the other all the way down, and attach it using hot glue. Hang the pictures from the strings using small clothes pins and the frame is complete. You can leave the glass on one side of the frame if you would like, but leaving the back open is the ideal way to view this beautiful piece.

The Crate & Note

This can be done in many ways, from a simple note on a piece of paper, to make it a themed guestbook. You can use any type of crate you would like, or paper for the notes, because in the end it is about the words on the notes. This is the idea to use any type of crate and adding a personal flair which could be travel, nautical, rustic, or even elegant. This project as no limitations and is an easy start to a fun new guestbook. Having guest write out s personal note is always more meaningful, and you can change the paper with postcards, wine corks, or Popsicle sticks if you would like. Anything goes with this idea, just make sure to have fun a get creative with it.

Rustic Elegance

This idea is perfect for people who want to use something they can have as a decoration in their house afterwards. Using a wood slice add the happy couples initials into the center, and add any decorations as well. Imagine two lovebirds etching their names into a tree and go with something in that realm. It is advised you use a wood burning tool to make it stand out from other signature, but is not necessary if you make the lines thicker. Now set it out and have the guest sign around the initials, just make sure to get a piece big enough for everyone’s names!


The last idea is to go with a normal guestbook, and add your own charm around and in it. By going online you can find many different types of guestbook, just make sure to find one that fits you. The real difference is adding the decorations around the book to make sure it stands out in a way that matches what you would like.