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07 November 2018

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Picture Locations

Picture Locations

If you are looking into booking with Willows Bend and are looking for more reasons why it is a fantastic venue, then look no further. This post will talk about just one of the many amazing perks of booking with Willows Bend.


The location by the water is something everyone looks for. As the sun goes down you can see it on the water and it is just a gorgeous view with amazing chances for pictures. There are many amazing locations just around Willows Bend for picture opportunities, however, today we are going to talk about one that is just down the road.


Often bridal parties leave the ceremony and take pictures together for about an hour or so, and they need a location with a variety of options and close by. Not even 5 minutes down the road is an amazing location that has many different perks. There is a large parking lot which makes it hard to miss, and its right by the lake, with the opportunity of getting Willows Bend in the background if you wish.


One of the spots at this location is a small outcropping of land that many people walk out on. It gives an amazing view over the water and a beautiful look at the scenery around. You can even do a dress reveal in this location if you wanted to.

Right next to this outcropping is a small dock with a railing on one side. This allows the photographer to get the entire party lined up along the dock if you would like to have it done.

Another area is off to the side, where there are trees and grass in front of the water. If you would like to have a simple option, this works great and still comes out stunning.

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