14 November 2018

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Home Decorating Ideas



Trying to decorate for your wedding can be difficult and hard to find ideas you love that will fit your venue and your theme. So we are going to share some ideas that will work great with a variety of themes while also being easy to adjust to any venue you decide to book with.


This can be a beautiful idea anywhere in the venue, including over the stage or even the altar itself. Another way to utilize this idea is using chairs and getting creative with how you want it. The fabric you choose can be of any variety, including lace or even burlap. If you can, ask the venue if there are options to drape fabric from the rafters even.


This mixture can be an amazingly bold statement in contrast to the white wedding dress. These colors make a statement and will easily match your something blue.

Snow White

This has become an easy way to make adorable signs for your special day. You can use smaller signs to label cupcake flavors, or you can use larger signs for anything from directing guest towards the ceremony or having a quote that is meaningful to you. Some even use them as table numbers or cute Mr. and Mrs. labels at the head table. Surround them with some flowers and other add-ons and you are ready to go!

Light Up the Night

Are you planning on having the wedding go into the night? Then consider ideas for table centers that will allow guest to continue being able to see their amazing desserts or snacks while resting, things like candles or even small lamps. This will especially come in handy if you decide to have an outdoor wedding that will go into night. You can also use Christmas lights along with these to help light up areas around trees for pictures or surround the dance floor with them. This idea can work inside as well if you decide to dim the lights after the ceremony.

Splash of Color

The last idea for this post is about adding just a little color can go a long way. When working with lighter colors, make sure to put in a darker color to bring out those beautiful colors. Even if your color scheme contains colors like gold and lighter pinks, you can still add slight touches of darker shades without it getting overwhelming. You can even use darker objects like a dark stained wood to hold vases of flowers, or rent out stained glass ware to add a little color in a shocking way.

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