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Welcome back to more ideas on how to decorate your wedding. Decoration ideas can be overwhelming and hard to think of sometimes, so feel free to go through some of these ideas or even looking at our other posts to help with the process.


Seeing a beautifully written message is always amazing to see, and you can usually order these online. Many people enjoy creating Save the Dates, programs, or even menus out of calligraphy. You can have a go at it yourself, or hire someone to create a personalized calligraphy piece.

Wooden Accents

Using wood to accent decorations is an easy way to make your event stand out even a little more. You can even use a wooden table and chairs to push the them a little further. A fun way to work with this idea is having wood logs sat up like seats for people to take pictures on or just have them holding decorations.

Photo Backdrops

Every guest loves a souvenir from the weddings they have attended, and a simple way to encourage this is by using a photo backdrop. This is easy to make and even easier to customize to your needs. You can rent a backdrop or take it a step further and make your own. All you really need is a sheet in any color you prefer and some paint or props. You can ask one of your artistic friends to paint a cute message on the sheet or just designs like hearts.


When deciding on table centers and flowers, don’t shy away from the idea of leaves. Depending on your color scheme, they can make the colors pop even more or even add a fun shape to the arrangement. You can even use wreaths of leaves to put along tables and interlace candles or lights throughout them.

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