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28 November 2018

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Picture Ideas

Picture Ideas

On your big day you are going to want as many pictures taken as possible. You want to be able to perfectly capture this moment, and below are a few ideas on how to make your wedding picture perfect.

Solo Bride

Make sure to have a variety of pictures with just the bride showcasing her hair, dress, nails, and even her shoes. These may seem like small details, but these are the things that you will want to remember the most. These are simple to do while making them beautiful as well. Having te bride hold her bouquet is an easy way to showcase her ring along with the beautiful manicure she got done. Another easy picture is her hairstyle for the day. This can be done with her looking slightly over her shoulder or even with her back to the photographer. Find funs ways to do this while using the venue to your advantage.

Blue & White

This mixture can be an amazingly bold statement in contrast to the white wedding dress. These colors make a statement and will easily match your something blue.

Unique Pieces

For your wedding do you plan to have a surprise addition to your outfit? Having the groomsmen wearing superhero shirts or crazy socks is a fun way to spice up pictures as an entire group. Another way to do this is using shoes, especially if the bride and groom decide to have fun with them. Wearing fun shoes for pictures and switching to classy for the ceremony and bringing them back for the reception is a fun way to make your guest laugh.

Mother & The Bride

An adorable photo is always of the mother and the bride interacting while getting ready. Have a picture of the mother zipping up the dress or hugging the bride. Even a meaningful hug can go a long way in pictures. Usually these photos can be done spontaneously, especially because that makes the reactions more meaningful when looking over them later on.

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