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05 December 2018

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Picture Ideas 2

Picture Ideas 2

When trying to come up with cute picture ideas on the day of your wedding, it can be hard. So here are some easy ideas that will come out adorably for the happy couple.


To showcase your love, you can create a heart using your hands together. One way is while facing each other bring up your hands and make a heart together, then have the photographer frame you both in them perfectly. Another way is to have the bride form a heart and the husband to form one over hers.

Showcase the Ring

Fun pictures to take together are often of the both of you hugging each other and placing your hands in ways to showcase your rings. If you are able to you can even be picked up and raise your ring hand up to show off how happy you are for your special day. If you want to showcase the rings by themselves, you can even place them in fun ways like in flowers or on your veil.

The Reveal

If you are doing a dress reveal before the wedding the make sure to capture his shocked face when he turns around. If you are lucky you might even get a wonderful picture of him crying or any other spontaneous event.

The Veil

This is a fun way to show off the beautiful veil you got by draping it over both of you and having a moment underneath. You can come with other cute ways to use the veil like this, or even have a picture with it draped behind you if it’s long enough.

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