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Trying to decorate for your wedding can be difficult and hard to find ideas you love that will fit your venue and your theme. So we are going to share some ideas that will work great with a variety of themes while also being easy to adjust to any venue you decide to book with.

Pink & Pink

This color scheme utilizes a variety of shades of pink, which can also be done with other sets of colors. Pinks are beautiful and easy to dress up or down depending on the other decorations.

Blue & White

This mixture can be an amazingly bold statement in contrast to the white wedding dress. These colors make a statement and will easily match your something blue.

Snow White

Having purely white flowers is a great way to go as well, especially when dressing them up with the green leaves or other accents like burlap or wood. Going simple is never a bad idea, and is easy to work with in any color scheme.

Red & White

You can never go wrong with red and white. Just because it is traditional doesn’t make it an old color, especially when using darker reds to bring out the white in the wedding dress.

There are so many more color schemes, like navy and pinks or any metallic color mixed in. An easy way to compare how these colors will look together is by getting paint or fabric swatches to put by each other. Remember that this is your day so make it colors that you love.

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